I don’t like to write…

Your name is too complicated so it’s a lot easier to go by J.H. Yeh, or simply Hen for short when you want people to address you. The circle of life is fraught with intriguing ironies and inopportune coincidence–which ultimately weave into a somewhat hilariously unfortunate sitcom called life. In the midst of this seemingly endless madness you will meet a morally ambiguous individual who happens to teach you to admit what you can’t deny and deny what you can’t admit because at some point in life you have to learn that you don’t have to like something but you have to accept it and hold it so dearly and closely as if it’s your own underwear. With that said, you will inevitably embark on a turbulent aircraft called “Growing Up” and along the plane ride you will regrettably understand that the only thing that is consistent in this crazy soap opera is the inconsistency because impatient passengers who so happen to be on board with you do not reciprocate nor do they stop being mean to you since life is full of disappointment and sadly you have to deal with that. Please take note that whoever tells you to reciprocate kindness or love or some other crap clearly doesn’t know what the heck he or she is talking about. However, always remember that when you’re in a group and you don’t agree with someone, please be respectful and don’t mercilessly argue. Be patient like a David Tilley and wait till everyone has left because if a super star can take a hit here and there, then the rest of the group will shut the hell up and follow in–and that is the formula to succeed in life and build a winning culture around you.

Who is the super star? Thank you for asking, handsome stranger. That super star is you! But you’re too young to realize because when you’re young, you don’t know what you don’t know. Don’t ever expect too much too soon because only time will tell. Hell, it took me 21 years to be able to go to the bar!

On the bright side, you’ll also come across some pretty nice fellas who teach you how to do cool things such as voting. Some of these bright and fun individuals are Cliff, Satya, Sam, Lavender, Philipp, Kaylin, Sofia, and Jesus, who know how to put a smile on your face. And yes, Jesus is an actual name. And yes, English is your second language and I know that. In this unpredictably busy generation, you’ll learn that people come and go just like Game of Thrones characters and that is okay because it’s not your fault. Since everybody is too busy doing super fun stuff such as breathing and blinking, and sadly it just so happens that it’s a bad time to treat them some fine dinner because timing is everything and you suck at timing. But don’t be upset because you’re slowly getting better at that. You gotta suck in order to be good so please keep up the good work! Life ain’t a straight line as it zigs and zags and you will have plenty of time to be dead so better stop dreaming and get out the warm bed bed and go chase your dream because soon you will find out your best chance could be your last chance to do something awesome such as running this website… please un-hear that last part.

…And anyway, it’s quite okay if you don’t want to listen to me blabbing some nonsense because I wasn’t a good listener either when I was your age so I guess we can call this even. Don’t worry. You’re not an anomaly. This is what young people do. Young people don’t listen and they love to make bad decision so they can learn from it and tell their kids not to do it in which their kids refuse to listen. You think that’s funny? Well, one day you will understand why you have two ears and one mouth because you need to find every possible chance to shut the fuck up and listen. You will fathom what I’m saying when you reach a certain age since you’re still a young grasshopper who’s mindlessly frolicking about in the blossoming field. That day will arrive, you will wish your imaginary time machine would work so you could travel back in time when the world’s issues didn’t affect you yet and be innocent again. When such day does come, you would swap with with the young you in a heartbeat.

Oh, I’m so sorry I digressed. I didn’t mean to skip your original question. So how awesome are these awesome problems? Well, I guess… I will have an answer for ya tomorrow morning when I wake up. In the meantime, why don’t you spend some quality time going through these letters I wrote for you–to my younger self. Always know that reading is the best way to invest on yourself because the government cannot impose tax on your knowledge.

And like what I said earlier, when you’re young, you don’t know what you don’t know. So it’s okay that you don’t wanna read now because I respect your decision. Just know that these letters will be here forever and you always have my support because I want to be that person who I needed when I was young.