In life, there will be many things you will not realized until you reach a certain age

When I was young, I hated every time my mom would say to me, “You will understand when you’re older.” I was too young to understand what she meant by that. But now I do.

I learned that the hard way. It was a simpler time when I was not affected by all the negativity stemmed from various issues in the world. As I got older, I started to see the world from a different perspective. I get to learn from many different ideas from many different brilliant individuals. With that said, I started to understand what my mom meant by that.

I really hope she could put this in a more easily understood term, because that time simply telling a kid, “You will understand when you’re older,” isn’t enough. We were too naive and impatient to understand this complex lingo. It’s not the ideal response for us, and therefore, young children naturally are not receptive towards such statements.

Conclusively,  I learned that in life, there will be many things you will not realized until you reach a certain age. 

There are many different phases in life. When you were a child, you would not realize what responsibilities are. When you are in your 50s, you will finally realize that being young means you can have more time to do things you cannot do when you’re old. We can also apply this to politics. This is like the Obama administration. Back in 2008, Obama made several promises, claiming that he could do A, B, and C. And then when he got elected and stepped into the White House, he suddenly had access to new information he previously did not know of, and he realized he could not do A, B, and C. I didn’t mean to get a little bit political here, but I just thought this is a good example, and it perfectly illustrates life and explains why at different phases in life you will be granted to new information, which can alter the way you think. This is just a little introduction to life. Lastly, if you can finally fathom the meaning “in life there will be many things you will not realized until you reach a certain age,” then that will be the time when you start to be humble and receptive towards new idea.


Have a great day,

–J.H. Yeh


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