What’s wrong with being average?

In today’s society, our culture has taught us that we have to be the best. We have to do better than our best each and every day because that is the societal norm and that is what our society expects us to do.

I find it to be painful to even think about it. With that thinking, we are constantly living unhappily and leading an empty life. Thanks type of mentality instilled in use from the very beginning and the constant reinforcement in the school, we have morphed into products and subconsciously being dictated and dominated by our culture. It short, we are all, in one way or another, confined in our mental pigeonholes.

I find it very difficult and intolerable to be the best. I have been there a couple times and I soon realized it;s not somewhere I want to be because the people below you will do anything to tilt you over. Moreover, when you’re the best, whether it’s at school, work, or in sport, people will start to expect more and more from you, hence constantly putting you under careful scrutiny and giving you unnecessary pressure.

With that in mind, my question is: What’s wrong with being average? Or, what’s wrong with being number two? People don’t like to be the second, or the third, or the middle, or being that fat kid in the back of the race, because it’s a social stigma, a sign of weakness, and in the eyes of the society, you are not the best. However, people often fail to see just how good and thought-provoking it is to not be that number one.

For me, I was once in that very same position where I wanted to be that number one guy so bad and I would get upset and at times, envious of others’ success, when I was not on top of others. It have me so much negativity that in a way, it had made my mind unhealthy. I strove to emulate my competitors and I was busy doing so many things at once. Many years ago, I wanted so bad to become someone who would be liked and accepted by the society and its people to a point where I had forgotten what I used to be like when the world issues didn’t affect me yet. Of course, this is the growing pain people have to go through. That time, I was young and very insecure and sensitive, I only found solace through others’ approval.

Years later, I have made peace with myself. Now, I get easily satisfied when I did something above average than most people. I would tell myself that I don’t have to be the best but I have to be competent, which is good enough to be dangerous. As long as I excel my initial expectation then I am good. On the bright side, not being number one allows me to leave myself with more room for growth and improvement.


Have a great day,

J.H. Yeh


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