The power of writing a letter

In my hobby section on my LinkedIn profile, I originally wrote “too many to mention.” I always like to keep a thing or two humorous because that is my approach. That is how I do things. I like it to be a little funny so it can serve as a nice touch for the audience as well as letting them see some of my personality.

People often ask me what my hobby is or what do I like to do during my free time. I have a lot of different hobbies and interests and to keep the conversation going, I give each person a different respond based on their personality. If I’m talking to a sporty person, then I will be sure to tell them I like sports.

I have many hobbies, ranging from studying sports to appreciating arts. However, I have one hobby that sits o top pf everything and I rarely tell people because I don/t want to bore them. That hobby is writing people letters and cards. I enjoy doing that because it provides me a good escape from the hectic life. With that, I find writing letters to be very relaxing. It’s a very good way to relieve your stress.

Furthermore, what I like about writing letters is that it lets me to spend the time to think about what a person has done to me, and doing so makes me enjoy taking the time to write people letters as I found this to be very therapeutic. For another word, it helps me to see a person’s strength. I always compliment people in letters because it is an unharmful way to relieve my negative stress. I find this the best way to cope with my stress by complimenting people via letters. Also, another good thing about writing letters is it makes me happy. Knowing the recipient will be happy when they get my letter just makes me smile even broader. According to studies, helping people and doing something nice for them can make one very happy. I would do anything to exchange five minutes of my time for a happy day.

With that being said, I always find joy in writing people letters. I also write postcards to close friends and families when I am away from the state. Additionally, not only do I do that to people close to me, it has slowly become a good habit where I also write letters and cards to my professors, thanking them for a wonderful semester. I’ve also started doing this on business setting, writing and mailing professors thank you cards some time after acquainting myself with them. Since people only did this in the 1950s, I figured why not because it makes people happy and remember me better.


Have a great day,

J.H. Yeh


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