Two things are never your friends: Gravity and time

Two things in this interesting world are never your friends. One is something we both need but sometimes hate: Gravity. Gravity is self-explanatory. Without gravity, we will die. But with gravity, we get hurt and things get broken. Don’t believe me? Ask your iPhone.

The second thing that is not your friend is time. Time is an interesting concept that exists in a dynamic dimension. The number one reason time is not your friend is you can never go back in time. The physical incapability of reverting back in time is the main reason that prevents people from doing what they want. There are plenty of things I would do if I could go back in time. Too bad life is full of disappointments and I know I can never fulfill this wish because time has been unfriendly to me thus far.

So what’s up with time? Scientists have proven that you can fast forward time and squeeze time, but you cannot go back in time. According to studies, if you dwell in somewhere located in extremely high altitude, you are actually a very tiny fraction of decimal second ahead of the real time. Therefore technically, you are actually ahead of everybody else. And if you live there for a while, then you will age faster than most people. Of course, this marginal change in time is extremely minor that no one, including you, will detect.

Now what does it mean by “squeezing time”? This will never occur to you so don’t worry too much about it. To simply put, time will be “squeezed” when you’re travelling through a warmhole. A warmhole is fundamentally a path in the space that connects two very far places together. If you travel through a warmhole from the Earth to Uranus, instead of spending years to get there, it perhaps may only take you three seconds to get there thanks to warmhole’s ability to “squeeze” time. To understand this wildly interesting notion better, imagine you have a piece of paper and you want to get point A, which is the upper right corner of the paper, to point B, which is the lower left corner. Now fold the paper diagonally and poke a hole through the folded edges by a pencil and then unfold the paper, now you have two holes on your paper, with one each on point A and point B. This is theoretically how warmhole works by contracting the time through a different dimension while your travel physically covers the same distance.

I suck at explaining science that’s why I’m not in med school. Let’s go back to the original topic, do know that time is not your friend because in life, you have many deadlines to meet such as paying bills and getting certain things done. Always remember that time is a limited supply and my biggest trouble is I always think I have enough time. You put a bunch of time together then it will give you something wonderful called life. Life is a one-time offer, so use it well and use it wisely because it’s ending one minute each time. So live your life to the fullest because there’s plenty of time to be dead. 

Have a great day,

J.H. Yeh


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