Life is unfair, so deal with it

Life will always be unfair, so deal with it. You don’t have to like something in life but you have to accept it. People who say life is fair have no idea what they’re talking about because, as simple as it is, life really is unfair and I cannot put it in any way easier.

From the day you were born, many things are predetermined for you. Your family, parents, sex, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disease, and many more. The list will go on and I don’t want to keep you on your seat so I will keep it short and concise for you: Life is unfair, so deal with it. You simply cannot have everything.

Now moving on. Many things are chained together. What you were born with, your family, income status, etc, subsequently determines what you have next, such as the quality of your education, the pool of the quality of people you acquaint with, social injustice, prejudice, glass ceiling or glass elevator, etc. And again, the list goes on so once again I will keep it short and concise for you: Life is unfair, so deal with it.

There are many things to break this seemingly vicious cycle. One of the best ways is through education. And that is, go to college. Any college is fine. Just some college will do it because as I grow older, I start to realize that life is not about how much you know but it’s about how many people you know. More specifically, how many people know you. Going to college is the least expensive way to achieve so. As ridiculous as it sounds, this is true as you are exposed in an environment where knowledge and meaningful relationships are all within reach and it’s up to you to properly seize them. Being in college means you’ll get to know exciting people as you meet and work with professors, who all have extensive networks. Going to college also means you will stumble upon some very bright and personable classmates, who, in the next few years, will go on in life and do great things and invite you to embark on the journey together.

All of these may sound astronomical, but if you look at the bright side, life is unfair, and it is only through the so-called unfairness to enable individuals to understand what the concept of fairness means. Moreover, when you are at a perennial disadvantage, you start to see things that privileged people don’t see. You will understand how to treat others better and how to better utilize your opportunities because you have a better understanding than most others and fully know what’s like to have absolutely nothing. Those are qualities and characteristics that people cannot teach. And those are also the key to win in life. Unfortunately, it is only through certain circumstances and being at the right place at the right time for one to grasp those paramount principles and many prosperous people who don’t have the opportunity to experience hardship will not fathom these notions and will never stumble upon their strength, which I guess is unfair and too bad for them. But what can I say, life is unfair, so they deal with that.

With that in mind, life is not always fair. Life is a beautiful struggle and it’s a valuable chance handed to us to make the most out of it with what we currently have. As cliche as it may sound, there are many things you can control —  and one of them is your attitude. Learn how to see the good from the bad and learn how to accept disappointments healthily are the two most difficult actions in life. It’s not easy to learn and implement it in life. And that is okay, because it is only through time and experience for one to master it. I mean time and experience, I mean by chance. If the opportunity comes to you, then it’s a gain. No one can say for sure when those time will come. It is only by chance that certain people will learn faster and be better off than others. The right timing can be very unfair to many people just like you being born into a wealthy family. Timing is everything, and it’s also unfair, so deal with it with a positive attitude.

To put this into an interesting analogy that is easier to understand, life is like you attending a football game. It’s January and NFL playoffs are approaching. You are one of thousands of fans at the exciting football game. Albeit you’re sitting all the way in the back, still you get to see the game live so that beats everything. It’s January, which means it’s very cold. Then all of the sudden, in the middle of the game, it starts to rain, and then turns into brutal sleets, and finally to flurrying snow and heavy gusts all mixed together. You’re out there and you feel cold and wet. In the meantime, the rich, important people, who are watching the game from the luxury VIP box, are all very warm because there is heating inside to go along with a roof to make sure they are protected. And what do you do? You deal with it because life is unfair. You are all enjoying the same football game but because of your socioeconomic status, you are both watching it from very different places. The only thing you can change is your attitude. Attitude helps you to be grateful for what you have because challenge induces healthy growth. What can be unfair is the negativity stemming from general pessimism, but we will learn from that.


Have a great day,

J.H. Yeh


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