Expect the positives that come after the negatives

Life is like a rubber band because it pulls back and forth. It can be tense and it can also be pliable. Or for another word, life is like an ocean as it can be calm and it can also be rough, but at the end of the day, it’s beautiful.

In my life, I’ve had my fair shares of downs. And I’ve also had my fair shares of ups after those downs. As a result, knowing there will be positives after those negatives is what keeps me hopeful.  This is also the very reason that I like to be optimistic about life because life can never be all bad and spiraling downwards… just like the economy. A country’s economy can never descend perpetually in an eternal tailspin. This is also just like a sport team because a team can never be losing forever. At some point, the team will start to win some games just like at some point a depressing economy will start to experience economic boom.

The same logic can be used on a company’s stock. Have you seen a stock that falls forever? If your answer is no, then you just did yourself a very huge favor by giving hope to your life and believing that life is consistently inconsistent and it is never a straight line. Oftentimes, situations and circumstances don’t change and can be wildly unexpected, but as long as your can control your mind and inner mentality, then the goods and the positives will eventually happen. It is only a matter of time — and only time will tell.




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