I like to imagine myself like a piece of log

As a huge believer in chaos theory, there are simply so many unknowns in life that even proper preparation cannot prevent mistakes and perfect practice doesn’t make perfection. Life has a lot of ups and downs and, as discussed in my previous post, simply wait out because there will always be something positive that comes after the negative. This also explains why I have gotten over myself a long time ago and have discovered and made peace with myself.

So here comes a rather interesting problem: How do you face life? There are so many ups and downs so how do you approach a life that is fraught with inconsistency? Because it can be brutal, annoying, and just simply painful to wait for the first beam of sunlight to emerge after the storm. It may take ages for you to finally breath again after being buried underwater for a long time.

The answer — or I suppose, my answer — is rather simple. Because I think the simple things are the most important things and that is the true beauty of life.

I like to imagine myself like a piece of log floating on the ocean. And I will just let go and let the water current takes me.  It’d be a nice change if the water takes me to a land. It’d also be exciting and perhaps challenging when the water takes me a steep waterfall. Regardless of the result, I will always find peace somewhere in the ever-changing variables. Whenever there is commotion, there is always tranquility; the two always go together just like light and shadow. And it takes a little bit time and judicious use of patience to discover that calmness and serenity pancaked somewhere between the violent storm. As a result, no matter how turbulent life can be, always remember life works in a miraculous way and sometimes, it is good to know that one simply does not have to hold on for too long. Just simply relax, and follow the flow — the flow of the ups and downs of the ocean waves cleverly created by life.


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